To get a more accurate margin for Food & Fountain type items, we recommend creating an invoice of your sellable (parent) items that are typically found on your touch menus. 

Use the following information on the invoice:

1. Inventory Adjustment as the vendor

2. invoice number = CostAdj + date

3. qty=1 for each item along with estimated cost for each sellable item. 

You can back date the invoice to apply the cost as of that date. The cost will show in daily recon and reflect accurate margin.

*Note: You may need to do a new cost adj invoice every few months to update the cost for the items as the costs change


For auditing purposes, we recommend counting ingredient items (child items), not the selling item. 

To find the ingredient/child items, run the report called 'Inventory Assembly Report' for the applicable departments.

*Note: Don't worry about counting things like napkins and condiments, as these items will zero out in the audit and represent cost of goods sold.