When items have only 1 UPC and have special pricing when sold in larger quantities, you can setup multi pack pricing for the item.

EX: Can of soda is $.99 but when in a 6pack with a plastic ring, it sells for $3.99. There would only be one UPC for the can of soda, so you would setup a 1 pack price at $.99 and then a 6 pack retail of $3.99 for when the modifier was used at the register the special pricing can be used.


To setup a multi pack retail on an item:

1-  Navigate to the pricebook manager

2-  Search for the item(s) you wish to add this pricing to

3-  Click on the item that you want to add a case pack to and the price editor screen will open

4-  Click on the arrow in the multi pack retail column:



5-  This will open a new screen allowing a case pack quantity to be entered, Click “+Add” to create a new multi pack price for the item:



6-  Then enter the pack size quantity under “Pack Size” and the total retail price for that number of units under “Retail” then choose the fee associated with selling that # of units if applicable under the “Fee” column. Ex: To create a 6 pack for $12.00, enter 6 for pack size and 12 for retail and chose .3 CRV TXBL for the fee:



Click OK when done:



7-  The system will display “1 record(s)” in the multi-pack retail column notifying the user that there is a multi-pack retail setup for this item:





1. Some reports will not mirror the correct quantities when multi-packs are sold the reports are: Sales by Department, Daily Sales by Department Summary, Tax Report on C Store Sales & Daily Book Summary.  SKU Sales Detail by Item, by Station/Department & by Subcategory are not affected and do show correct quantity.

2. Multi-pack items are appended at the end to show the quantity sold.  This increases the number of characters on the item and user must be aware of the character limitations on their POS and Pin Pad to display the item correctly.

3. You cannot use a multi packs for items within a promotion. The POS will not trigger a promotion AND a multi pack price special at the same time.