Fuel Sales

Fuel sales show gallons sold (QTY), and dollars collected by grade.


Street Price is figured out by dividing the gallons by the dollars sold to give you the average retail for that grade for the day.


Net Price is figured by taking out any sales tax on fuel (for CA ONLY) and giving you the net price so you can get margin based on net price and not price with sales tax. RIGHT CLICK on the lightbulb to make sure the correct rates are populated in the system and see the calculations that S2K uses. If they are not, please call S2K support or email support@series2k.com to get it updated. IMPORTANT: If you have any changes in rates, please email us right away so we can update your system.



Cost shows your current fuel cost based on weighted average cost, you can right click on the lightbulb to view the recent history. See Fuel WAM for more details.




Margin shows you the difference between net price and cost per gallon.


Profit shows you your profit by taking margin times gallons sold.

C-Store Sales

This shows your sales by department and item level with margins. You can expand any dept. by clicking on the + sign to see the items that were sold in the department for that particular day (pictured below).




If you notice a glaring issue with item details, you can right click on any item to view its inventory history, change retail or see item details (pictured below).



You can also click on any heading to sort by that heading in A to Z or Z to A order.


If you see the “!" Symbol in yellow (pictured below) that means that your Dept. sales do not match your SKU sales detail. This can be caused by items in different Depts. in S2K vs the POS, it can also be caused by sales in the Dept. and not at item level. This can also mean you had sales of items that do not exist in S2K. These symbols are indicators that there is something that needs your attention.


Another reason departments may not match SKU sales is if you moved an item to a new department during the day and the POS had already recorded the sale in the original department. S2k assigns the SKU level sale based on the current department allocation of the item in S2k. In rare cases, the SKU sale of an item is not viewable in this particular screen because a sale was made in one department, then the item was moved to a department where no other sales were made in that day. So the department sale does not appear as it was $0. The item will still have accurate inventory but just will not display in the daily recon for that day.



This is all your monies for the day to be allocated for the sales. You can edit the #’s from the POS as needed. Again, for each change you make the system will prompt you to include a reason for the alteration. It is important for tracking reasons to include a reason. Pictured below you will see alert symbols next to RED text. This is showing you that these sections were altered. Before existing the Daily Recon window be sure to click the SAVE icon at the top of the window, otherwise the changes you made will not be applied.


SAFEDROP: The cumulative account of CASH on hand at the time of when the EOD is pulled from the POS.


CREDIT: Transactions ran using credit card


DEBIT: Transactions ran using debit card


DEBIT FEE: The cumulative cost for the day to run debit cards – (will always be a negative number)


PREPAID GIFT CARD: Transactions ran using prepaid cards


LOTTERY: Scratcher-win PAYOUT


LOTTO: Non-Scratcher-win PAYOUT


PAYOUT: On-site payments made in CASH– this amount needs to be reconciled. If it’s a salable inventory item then reconcile by attaching a non-fuel invoice (use the PAYOUT option in the invoice header) OR, if it’s a site expense (ex. Landscaper) you can reconcile the amount by attaching an Accounts Payable (A/P) details list.




TOTAL SALES: A combination of Fuel Sales and C-Store Sales


CASH/OVERSHORT: The difference between TOTAL RECEIPTS AND TOTAL SALES. You want this number to be as close to $0.00 as possible. If the number is positive then it’s EXTRA (unaccounted for) CASH on site. If the number is negative then it’s LESS THAN the amount of CASH you should have on site. This number can fluctuate based on a variety of factors. To reconcile to $0.00 you would need to investigate your total sales for the day using the reports available to you on S2K and on your POS system. At times this over/short may reflect in the next day or previous day’s Recon depending on the last drop before or after the automated EOD drop.



Reconcile PAYOUT Receipt Detail


When reconciling your EOD report you will need to attach A/P or Non-Fuel Invoice PAYOUT details to account for the CASH used for the days store expenses. When the PAYOUT receipt type is not balanced there will be a red “X” in the Detail Over/Short field (pictured below).



Reconcile PAYOUTS Using Accounts Payable (A/P):

Click the A/P button in the Daily Recon toolbar (pictured below).


A window will pop up (pictured below) informing you that there aren’t any account payables found for the day. The window will give you the option to create a new account payable. Click YES.


The Accounts Payable window will open. If the page isn’t already defaulted to EDIT, click the edit icon in the tool bar (shown in the picture below). Then you will want to enter information into the area highlighted below.

Enter your STATION # (it should be provided for you to click on).

Enter the SALES DATE, this date should be the same day as the date of the DAILY RECON you need the A/P to reflect in.

Pick from your list of SUPPLIERS (If you have not already created a supplier for you’re A/P section you will want to go back to your home screen, in Daily Books, click on the customer and supplier icon, click the supplier link and add a new supplier. SAVE the new data, go back to the A/P section and REFRESH so that your new supplier appears. For help adding suppliers see the ADDING SUPPLIER section in the ONLINE MANUAL).

In Receipt Type you should be given the option to click PAYOUT.

Enter the AMOUNT of cash from the register that was used to pay this supplier.

If you have a receipt or invoice you want to attach to this particular payout add it to the ATTACHMENT(S) section.


Once you’ve entered the information into the field click the SAVE icon in the toolbar.



After you’ve entered all of the day’s A/P’s click SAVE, then click back to your Daily Recon page. You will need to click REFRESH in order for the PAYOUT numbers to reflect in your receipt section (pictured below).



The A/P (Accounts Payable) will create detail notes of the cash expenses for the site.

You may need to also tie you an invoice to the PAYOUT section to completely reconcile the PAYOUT section. In the invoice header you are given the option to click PAYOUT as a way of payment. Make sure that the invoice day is the same as the recon day or it will generate the PAYOUT for the wrong day.


A completely reconciled PAYOUT section will look like the picture below. When the linked A/P’s and the linked invoices match the amount polled from the POS then you will see a blue check mark and RECONCILED OK in the Detail Over/Short section (pictured below)


Fuel Inventory

This shows your tank over/shorts for the day. Be sure to check that your over/shorts are within range. If they are not, be sure to check if your recon date is correct on your fuel invoices and correct accordingly. If you are missing an invoice you can enter it as needed. Or create a support ticket and we can investigate for you.