To start go to the main home screen of S2K and go to the Inventory section, then click on Product Manager.

Once the page loads you will then use the advanced search button on the top left of the page. Click this to open the pop up.

Go to department and click the box to use the drop down. Locate the option (Not Setup) then select OK to start the search.

The search will load, and you can then click Name on the blue bar to re-organize the results alphabetically.

From here you can now click the items, and it will open a page where you can make the department changes. Choose the Correct department and then hit save at the top middle of the page. Don’t forget to publish from Pending Pricebook Changes when you are completed.

If you do not know the item, because all you have is a UPC number, you can try and search the barcode on and see if you can locate the items that way.