How to Reconcile House Accounts in S2K:

When the Customer on Acct comes in and purchases product:

- The items are removed from the C-Store and Fuel Sales when they are scanned at the register (contributing to the TOTAL SALES).

- The scanned items will need a MOP to settle it which needs to be PAYOUT.

When Reconciling the PAYOUT in S2K:

- The PAYOUT for the House Charge will show in receipt

- Reconcile using the A/R button

- Select the Customer from the dropdown list

- The receipt type is PAYOUT

- The number will remain positive. The positive amount is an accumulation of money owed to the store.

When the House Account payment is made by the customer and accepted at the POS:

- The amount will show in S2K Receipts as a PAYIN. The PAYIN receipt type is a negative receipt type because there is extra money in the POS without product leaving the store

- The PAYIN will need to be reconciled using the A/R button

- Select the customer name from the dropdown list

- The receipt type is PAYIN

- Amount will be negative

Ultimately the positive amounts will keep a running tally of what they owe you, then after they pay, the negative amount will subtract from the overall amount owed.

The purpose of the over/short in the receipts side is to compare the sales of the products that left the store against the MOP amounts to account for it.