To begin the process of creating a new item that doesn’t have a barcode, you will first want to go into Quick/Add Change.

On the page that opens, type in any 4 digit number and select Search.

This will search the pricebook and tell you if an item has been created under that number already. If not you will have a blank screen to fill out as seen below. Once filled out select Save. 

Next go in to Pending Pricebook Changes and send the new items you have created to the register, by selecting Publish.

Now that the items have been sent to the register, you can go ahead and add them to the touch menu screen in S2K. Go into the POS Touch Menu and then select the open key you would like to add the items to.

Once you have selected the key you can then add the items to the open menu key. Select Save when done, to update the key itself in S2K.

Lastly you will want to send the changed key to the register so that you can update that as well. This will then allow the register to know what should be rang on that specific key. 

Once sent over, give it about a minute and then log out of the register and back in to then see the items on the touch menu at the register.