S2K Protocol for ampm item and POS Touch Menu update 

BP sent a memo to active sites:

Keyboard - NWFVC S2K Topaz Sites Only  

In an effort to clean up keyboards and reporting, you will need to take the following actions:

· By Friday, September 2nd, in the S2K Price Book, change the retail of the UPC in the New UPC column to the current retail of the PLU in the Old PLU column:

· On the morning of Wednesday, September 7th, as soon as you get in, publish your keyboards

NOTE: If you do not follow these steps, your touch keys for these items WILL NOT WORK on the afternoon of the 7th.


Action that should have been completed prior to 9/2/2016:

In S2K you will need to locate the New UPC items and add retail value to the SKU and publish the item to the POS. If you already have a retail value for the new UPC then you can Publish that item to the POS.
You can use the Old PLUs as a reference for your old retail value(s) so you know what the retail for the New UPC should be.

Action to take after 9/7/2016:

After the items have been given retail and have been successfully sent to the POS then you may PUBLISH your POS Touch Menu.


Step-by-step process for changing retail for the New UPC using the Old PLU as a reference:

Open your Pricebook:



Using the Excel spreadsheet provided by BP OR using your POS Touch Menu item details begin filtering your pricebook to locate the item(s) that need to be fixed and published.

Example: HOT REFILL REG – Old PLU: 75022 / New UPC: 883350010857

The best way to search for this item in the S2K Pricebook would be to SEARCH for “HOT REFILL”:



After retail changes have been made be sure to go to your Pending Pricebook Changes window and publish the items to the POS:


If the retail of the item was not changed you still need to PUBLISH the item to the POS from the Pricebook so it is recognized by the register:


Step-by-step process for sending updated POS Touch Menu to the register:


Open your POS Touch Menu screen in S2K:


Click the PUBLISH button:


A window will pop-up, make sure your store is selected, and you are updating the Menu ID for ALL ITEMS in the Change Scope. Then click OK to save and PUBLISH the Menu to the register.


Log out and log back into the POS for the updates to take effect.