The preferred method to use when doing a Pump Test is to locate the Pump Test button on your POS and then start your Pump Test. This Pump Test button needs to be used so that your information is correct in your Daily Reconciliation after your EOD process. When this is selected it removes the Sales Qty and the Sales $ inside the Fuel Sales section of Daily reconciliation.

Please find the suggested process for executing a Pump Test:

Set Up for Pump Test

  • Press <Pump Number> on keyboard
  • Press [Fuel Preset] key
  • Enter <Dollar Amount>

Close Out Pump Test

  • Press <Pump Number> on keyboard
  • Press [Fuel] Key
  • Press [Pump Test] key

It is advised to always use this process for a Pump Test. If you do not use the Pump Test button (hit the cash button), you can contact S2K and we will help with the fuel sales dollars portion for you, but your fuel inventory will still be out of balance.