1. Click the Report List button located on the Home Main Navigation bar.

2. Click a main topic, for example; Non-Fuel Sales Report.


3. Click one of the links from the main topic, for example; SKU Sales Detail By Station/Department.

4. Enter your filter criteria information: (keep in mind that all reports will have different filter criterias)

   * Start Date and End Date - The reports date range

   * Department - Select a single department or select all

   * Station# - Select your station, if not selected automatically


5. Click the View Report button to generate your report.


6. Click the Schedule This Report button on the navigation bar.

7. Please fill in the following Steps:

    1. Email(s): Enter a valid email address or addresses separated with a semi-colon (;)

    2. Send On: The time of the day you want the report to be sent.

    3. Format: Your options are PDF or Excel.

    4. Period: Your scheduled options Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

    5. Based on EOD: Checked, the report will be based on your business End of Day, not the calendars of of day.

    6. Click the Create/Update Report Schedule button.

    (the scheduled report will appear in the list below)

    7. Click the Save button and then click the X button to close the window.