1.) Please make sure to check your HQ notifications and take action on any pending items.

2.) Check the promotion information provided to you by the Pricebook Team. There is important

information contained in the documentation regarding publishing of new items and touch

menus to the register.

3.) If you have items that are not scanning as you expect,:

a. review your promotion packet provided by the Pricebook team for Promotion details to  see if the item is in the promotion.


b. If you are still unsure if the item is in an active promotion, use the Advanced Search tool in Promotion Management to search for if the item is in a promotion.

4.) Scratch Power Promotions: Make sure that your Scratch Power coupon codes all have a retail.

$0 retail items will not sell on the register

5.) Please remember S2k is not able to make changes to any Core Promotions! Any changes you

request need to be sent to the Pricebook team at arcopricebook@tsocorp.com