1. Click the Dailybook icon on the main menu screen.



2. Click the Non-Fuel Invoices sub menu.


3. Click the Create a new invoice link from the Non-Fuel Invoices sub menu.



How to create an invoice for a Inactive Lottery Book:


1. Select the Supplier from the Supplier drop-down list.


2. Select the Invoice Date from the Invoice Date drop-down list 

    * Select a future date at least 3 to 12 months to the current date.


3. Type in the Book and Game# in the Invoice# field.

    * Example: 1175-1123712


4. Include the Lottery Item in the SKU(UPC) Line Items below.


5. Click the Save button on the navigation bar.



* The invoice for the Inactive Lottery Book has been created in S2k.

How to modify an invoice to Activate a Lottery Book:


1. Open the Inactive Lottery Book invoice.


2. Change the Invoice Date to the date you are activating the Lottery book.


3. Include the Activation# after the Book and Game# in the Invoice# field.

    * Example: 1175-1123712_5532889278


4. Click the Save button on the navigation bar.


* The Lottery Book in this invoice is now active.