1. Click the Pricebook icon from the Main menu.




2. Click the Manage Price Book link from the Pricebook Management sub menu.


3. Click the Export button from the Pricebook.

4. Select the following settings from the export window:

    * Format: xlsx

    * Group By: Leave this field blank


5. Click the OK button.

* This process will generate a Pricebook spreadsheet

6. Under the File option on the navigation bar click the Save As button.


7. Click the folder that you would like to save the file to. 

    * For Example: this file will be saved to the desktop


8. Type a desired name for your Pricebook file in the File name: textbox.


9. Click the Save as type: drop down and select CSV as the file type.


10. Click the Save button and your file will be saved on the desktop.



* You may transfer the Pricebook file to a 3rd party auditing company via email attachment, flash disk, etc...