1. Click the Quick Add/Change Product Button located on the Home Main Navigation bar.

2. Type the new UPC in the Barcode text field. *Always use all 12 digits of the barcode.

3. Click the green Search UPC button.

4. Enter the following information.

    * Name: Description of the item (*Required field)

    * Short Name: Description of item on the receipt

    * Default SKU: UPC from old retalix system

    * Department: Assigned department of the item (*Required field)

    * Fee: CRV

    * UOM: Unit of measure

    * Product Vendor: The item's vendor

    * Custom Groups: Customer group for the item

    * Retail: Retail price of the item (A retail price is required in order to be accepted to the POS)

5. Click the Save button, this will send the item to the Pending Pricebook.

* Please remember to publish the new items in the Pending Pricebook Changes