Pop Promotion Rules & Notes:

1. Currently the only Discount type supported is PLU. The discount type must be setup on the POS as shown

below by selecting “Fuel Manager”> “POP Discount”, and selecting the “POP Discounts” tab:

2. The item you are discounting must already exist ON THE POS. If it does not already exist, the POP discount

will publish but it will not ring up successfully.

3. The POS will only accept the first 16 characters of the promotion name, so keep that in mind when creating

your promotions. Anything over 16 will be ignored.

4. Only one coupon message is available on the POS for ALL running promotions. If you create a new POP

promotion, any coupon message you enter in the new promotion will overwrite the existing coupon message

on the POS. Coupon messages are limited to a total of 20 characters per line. Anything beyond that will be


5. The fuels selected in the discount screen MUST be setup/exist on the Sapphire and match the setup in S2k

(see details under step 8).

Creating a Pop Promotion

Go to the new promotion screen by clicking New under Promotions Management.

1. Enter a name for the promotion and select the sites to which the promotion will apply. The name must be 16

characters or less. Anything over 16 will be ignored by the POS.

2. Check the option of “Fuel Discount Promotion”.

3. Enter the FuelDistID which is the POS ID # for the promo. The POS will only hold 10 POP Discounts at a time, so if creating a new promotion, you must enter a promotion ID that is available. Once all 10 are used, you will need to overwrite an existing promotion.

**If you enter a POP Promo with the same ID as an existing promotion, it will overwrite the existing promotion with the new.

4. Enter in a coupon message up to 3 lines if desired (optional)

**Maximum allowed characters per line is 20, anything over 20 will be ignored.

**ONLY ONE COUPON MESSAGE is stored on the POS at any given time, so it will use the last one sent to the POS.

5. Define a Weekday or Date Range Rule. **Do not enter an Hourly Range Rule, as this is not supported and will be ignored. If no date rule is defined, the default range will be used (2000-01-01 ~ 2050-0-01).

6. Add Promotion Rule and product, you can use either the Product Mix Match or Product Combo Rule.

**You can only choose one item here.

**Fuel cannot be part of the promotion rule.

Sample Rule is shown below:

7. Add Promotion Action of either Discount on Other Products or Product Specific Discount.

**The option for Discount on Matched Products is not supported.

8. Enter Discount Method, Amount and Qty (gallons).

9. Add Products to the Promotion Action and click “OK”.

**The products setup in the discount action must always be fuel.

Sample action is shown below:

10. Save the Promotion.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Once the POP discount has been sent to the registers from S2k the following steps need to be done by the site:

1. Make sure no one is pumping fuel.

2. Site needs to "Initialize Fuel" from SMS. Note, this process can take several minutes.

3. After completion of the initialization, the site then needs to download "DCRs". Note, can take approximately 5 minutes.

If site has questions on how to perform these procedures, direct them to Verifone

Once completed have site test the POP promotion.